For Preschool Activities, we sing songs and finger plays, create sensory masterpieces, observe and interact with the world
around us, practice Preschool skills, create music, run, jump and enjoy learning about ourselves and our neighborhood.  All
children, regardless of age, may join in Preschool activities if they wish.  
Infants and Toddlers are included in the curriculum
at their level.  We have a small, mixed age group of children, often with 2 or 3 adults, myself (Mrs. Darlene) my main
assistant, my
husband (Mr. Jerry), and part time assistants Mrs. Betty, and my son (Mr. Sam).  

Nature Exploration includes gardening, raising Praying Mantis's, and Caterpillars/Butterflies, picking fruit, and respectfully
investigating the wonders to be found outdoors.  
The Outdoor area is fenced for freedom of movement in safety.  Our Play
Yard has room to run, tumble, climb and roll.   Outside the fence, but visited by us, are: vegetable gardens, fruit trees, a
public park, and small ponds.  Every day,  weather permitting, we go outside- in the yard and our neighborhood.

Morning Large Group Time is part of our preschool experience and includes many activities reflecting the childrens
interests.  A formal Large Group Time is usually held 2-3 times each week. Circle time activities are often incorporated
during free exploration activities.

Arts and Crafts are a mixture of sensory experiences focused on process and skill builders introducing and expanding
knowledge of Preschool skills.  Young children are not often interested in the final product, unless we are cooking, but they
are very interested in the process of creating.
Let me tell you about my Licensed Home Child Care and Preschool.

We learn while we have a lot of fun playing, exploring, making art and getting
My Philosophy is to create an educational environment that is caring and encourages development of the potential in each
child.   We enrich children, remembering that they are naturally curious. At our Home Child Care, we blend qualities from
varied theories on how children learn.  We remember that each child has their own 'best' way to learn and grow, cognitively,
physically and spiritually.  Children learn, grow and develop best in a developmentally appropriate environment that is secure,
friendly, challenging and encourages appropriate behaviors in a positive manner.   Teaching children in our child care home,
includes hands-on, engaging and interactive methods that encourage discovery of solutions and interest in continued
investigation.   Children's social, emotional, mental and physical needs must be met.   Individuality is encouraged.

Every child is helped to explore, discover and learn through arts and crafts, music, science experiments, life skills,
exploratory and goal oriented play, drama and the encouragement of questions.   Rhymes, poetry, reading, writing, movement,
math and science skills are incorporated.   Independence and self-confidence grow with each success, each new skill learned or
improved.   Good choices and social behavior are encouraged through verbal praise and natural consequences.
I use a mixture of theories and  beliefs.
I endorse:
Reggio Emilia    
and other theories.