Some of Our ChildCare and Preschool Themes
Fingerplays, Songs, Crafts, Activities, Books
Contact Mrs. Darlene at 815-744-6813
Calendar of Closings
Menus are on a 10 week rotating schedule.
Menu items can be substituted as needed without notice.
Salad will be served daily for lunch and supper. Milk and
water is offered at all meals and snacks. Water is available
throughout the day.
These are examples. Themes change on a 2-3 year basis. New activities are added
based on the interests and level of the children attending each day. All children,
regardless of age, are invited to participate in each activity unless age prohibits
it-in that case an alternate activity is offered.  Specific activities are modified
according to each child's ability and developmental level.  The IL state Early
Childhood standards are addressed throughout the day.
Menu A       Menu B       Menu C       Menu D       Menu E       Menu F       Menu G       Menu H       Menu I       Menu J
Per the 2010 US Dietary Guidelines and the US Adult and Children Food Program, children 12-24 months are served whole milk and children over 24 months
old are served 1% or skim milk.  Whole grains are served throughout the day and at least 2-3 times per week. Items may be substituted and menus changed
without notice but will always follow the guidelines of the US Adult and Children Food Program.