Child Care Art, Activities and Projects
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Part of our
Eric Carle Author Study
from his book
"Little Cloud".

We made clouds and described them.
Drawings named by child,
labeled by teacher
3 Little Kittens - Matching Mittens
Nursery Rhymes
Making Rainbows,
Mixing primary colors to make secondary
colors then making prints of our painting.
Sensory Walk, Paint on Alumunium Foil
Very different from painting on paper.
Colorful Butterflies
Like the ones we raised
in our Home Child Care.
Dress the Bear
After discussing clothes
we wear all week and
praticing dressing a bear,
then the children dressed
their own bear to take
Reading Snowman stories
led a child to draw his own
version of a snowman.
Penguin studies during cold weather.  We
do penguin projects as well as process art.  
The photo below is a painting a child said
was a penguin.
A first 'family' drawing,
Mom's on the left, Dad's on the right.
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Let's go outside
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